About Us

Our office and factory is located at Andheri and enjoys a well-developed infrastructural amenity of the state, working day in and day out to maintain the standards as a promising industry and always thrilling for the best. The unit, comprises of improved infrastructure with approved norms & other accessories integral to quality enhancement, manufacture medicine under controlled conditions to ensure purity & efficacy of the medicine. All our efforts are a strong commitment towards ensuring safe and effective cure for the sick by providing quality ayurvedic medicines at nominal cost.

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Our Quality Statement

The quality assurance department checks the quality of raw materials, packing materials and finished products. All incoming herbs and other raw materials are tested for their pharmaceutical requirements and are compared with authentic pressured samples. Cutting edge technology is used to ensure quality control.

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Some important aspects of quality controls followed by us are

  • Checking the percentage of active ingredients.
  • Cleaning and drying method adopted.
  • Drug content of finished products.
  • Filtration technique are adopted.
  • Micro logical testing.